Xbox Achievement HTML Creator Update

November 25th, 2009 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

Hello all,
I’m currently rewriting the code from scratch, the new code is written in python as its much cleaner than using .net code. The new code has many new features including:
– Multi OS support
– Faster creation of pages (due largely because the program downloads source only rather than leaving an ole to download the full page with flash, images, etc to ensure full data)
– Modular based.. ish (The code will feature a modular system to it meaning that new parts can be added into the code at any time, one feature in the pipelines is a twitter mod that sends out a twitter status update everytime you get a new achievement although there is a rather annoying bug I’m still yet to patch up)
– New graphs (Currently working on the last big graph but its a good one)

The only thing left to do at the moment is to check for consistancy and ensure that all user modifications has a globalised setting

I’ll upload the code at some point in the very near future. To check up on the status get to, I’m always updating it and I often update on the code progress


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