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January 31st, 2009 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

Yesterday I was sitting at work, trying to figure out our current IP situation, it was in a mess and hadn’t been updated in a long while. The problem is machines will come and will be issued with IP Addresses and machine names however when they go (or get taken away without us knowing) the log doesnt get updated. The only way we could do this before would be to go and check each machine individually and check the settings, however this is quite unpractical realistically. However we still need this information to find out where machines are located, again this may change in the future :(

Thankfully there is a little application called Nbtstat which allows us to find out who is logged into which machine and with this we can determine where the computer is located. The code can be executed by running in cmd
nbtstat -a computer_name
nbtstat -A ip_address

For the future it would be great if we could run a script that would run this each day through the subnet and export the result as a spreadsheet, with this information we could sort out our IP issues and clear and organise them a lot better

More information is available here


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