Dos and Do-nots of iPhone development

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A couple of months ago I revisited my very first app on the appstore, iWin, which when I first created was the best I could come up with, then after creating iUnlocked I came up with lots of improvements for my initial app. I appreciate that programming is a learning process but here’s some things that I did to my app to really improve the quality

  1. UITABLEVIEWs are your friend. Originally any of the setting views I had created were held together on a normal UIVIEW and a couple of UITEXTFIELDS. The problem with this is that they often tend to look a bit basic and can give the impression of bad design, this is why grouped UITABLEVIEWs are so helpful. Anyone whose used an iPhone for any period of time will be very apparent of these views, mainly with the fact that they are commonly used with settings, because of this people will understand what is going on with your app when you reach one of these views. These are also really useful in about views as they break the information up clearly
  2. ReloadData means reload ALL data, if you have a UITableView with numerous rows and only one row needs to be changed, reload that one row rather than all of them, its often a little more technical than just issuing the ReloadData command but the performance you gain back from doing so is often worth it
  3. You don’t always have to use the singleton to transfer data from one class to another, if you are opening a new view from another view simply parse the data into the controller directly into the other class, as long as the property is nonatomic, retain and the variable is allocated you should be ok.


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