PS3? Why?

February 5th, 2010 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

Recently I took the plunge into getting a nice shiny new PS3 Slim. It wasn’t a quick buy though, the price was still quite expensive even though the price has gone down since launch.

The main reason I moved over to the PS3 was that I have had enough of the Xbox 360, recently practices involving microsoft policies and their hardware monoplisation had begun to annoy me more than ever. One main issue was due to XBLA, my machine had been locked out from going online (guess why) however there was a game that I wanted to play so I took my hard drive and swapped it with my brothers so I can buy it on my brothers and then swap it back and play it on mine. After I LEGALLY paid for the game I was surprised (more pissed off) that I couldn’t play it because the game was not activated to play on this machine. How petty, I felt so enraged due to this that I havent played on the 360 since.

The PS3 is amazing, It’s so much quieter than the 360 which lets face it was like having car revving up inside at times, I can also watch blu-ray which looks great. The thing I like about it more is that it just works and has a much more liberal feel to it unlike the 360s capitalist feel, it allows the use of things such as BBC iPlayer to be involved (The Xbox 360 will not be getting the 360 due to issues with the BBC being unable to charge viewers for content), it just works.

I’m just about to preorder the box set of FFXIII which is something that I’ve been waiting for a while now, I can’t wait to play that soon.

BTW: My PSN username is severedspirit if anyone wants to add/check


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