Project Sadist: Dev Diary #2

February 23rd, 2015 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

As you can see, still haven’t chosen an appropriate name

Things are going well for the game now, the model layer for the app is almost finalised so I can soon integrate saving & loading into it, I think in total I’m about 80% done on the app, I’m just focusing on getting the stats screen completed and then should have the entires structure working. That and some kind of help/tutorial system that will hopefully be simple enough so the user can start playing immediately

One thing that has slowed down some of my work is the layout and graphics of the app, this has changed drastically since I started coding the app and I think its something that will change more as we reach the completion of the app. I’m not particularly happy with the look of some of the menu buttons, I think its because you see that style used too much in the app and it starts to make it look tacky, I’ve made modifications to the score menu recently and quite like the layout so may have to implement something similar

Getting used to Unity 3d canvas for the updated NGUI has been good and bad for me, I think the overall NGUI is in its infancy and probably needs a few more update to fix the problems I’m facing, especially with regards to scaling for dimensions, I like some of it but I would love the to be an option to be able to specify canvases based on a min and max dimensions so I can rearrange the objects accordingly, due to this although I’d like to release on Android too I will probably leave this until the iOS one is completed.

Anyway hoping to finalise a few things and then I can start showing off some screenshots and offering so beta downloads


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