Programming Update

September 14th, 2011 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

A lots been happening with regards to my programming recently, one of the first major things is writing OpenGL. OpenGL is a language I’ve always wanted to learn but it often went way over my head, around May time I decided that I would try and learn it and in turn create an iPhone game. What happened was that I got very confused but eventually got down to how the code works, I’m still quite new to it so I’m gradually getting better at it with learning to techniques to make the code work better. One of the surprising things about OpenGL (not surprising actually) is the amount of optimisation you need to make to ensure that the user gets to see a high a frame rate as possible. Anyway a game was released and is now on the App Store, it isnt selling very well but I still like the fact that it is my first proper game

Since I’m struggling trying to get a job as a programmer I have also decided to start learning additional languages, the two that I have chosen are C++ and Javascript. I have programmed in C++ in the past but I felt it would be best to begin from the start again and really master this language. I also decided to use javascript so I can get some really nice AJAX scripts running, I already have one which admittedly isn’t that great but it does a task that saves me time so its all good.

Well thats my update, hope you all are ok, byes


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