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November 16th, 2011 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

I was raised in the 90s, a decade for great change in all things regarding technology, I loved this time, but looking back on it I find that the main thing I did in those days was play video games, and at the time that was fine. I went to school and during the holidays I would play games for hours and hours and hours and somehow that was all I needed. 11+ years later and a lot has changed.

Having to be a “responsible adult” has made me change my attitude on games, I now see them as distractions which is really annoying because ultimately I still love games. However. There seems so be and overt culture of obsessed video gamers, there always have been but now they are everywhere, and the worst thing is, they always swarm to the same few games, I am of course referencing the recent MW3 release.

The experience of games has been removed, people are playing the same few video games without having any experience for the rest that the gaming world has to offer. I’m not saying that people should not be buying these games I’m just saying that these are not the only games available, there are many more out there. One of the great things in the past is that if you wanted a game you would have to look round the store, buy a game you knew none of your friends had so you could swap it with them when you completed it, more than half of the games I ever played were from swaps. It was a great way of playing a wide array of games that you didn’t think you would ever play.

Thankfully there are some saving graces out there, one of them is the introduction of casual games in particular games for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. These games are often sold very cheaply and allow the user to give the game a try when they wouldn’t buy it if it were a £40+ game. Its also a fantastic tool for indie developers, it finally offers them a real chance to get into the big league.

Of course the problem with casual games is that they are just that, casual games. I still remember playing all my old games such as Final Fantasy 7, Broken Sword, Half Life because they had a story with memorable events. Just like movies and literature they took you to a new world and filled your head with memories, something that casual games such as Angry Birds and Tiny Tower can’t give you. Sure, they may keep you entertained for a few minutes but its a long distance to how good games could be.

Essentially there are many good games out there being made all the time, even some of the big budget games are good, but every now and then why not try some Independent games, or some obscure game that you’ve never heard of, you never know, they may be your new favourite


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