It’s finally time to start work on another game

August 9th, 2014 by Alan MacGregor Leave a reply »

Hello there, it’s been a while, I’m not gonna say that I’ll add more posts in the future because things are crazy busy and, well, I’ve said that all before.

Anyway, just wanted to announce that I’m working on a new puzzle game with a project name of “Project Sadist”, basically due to early builds being tough as nails to getting anywhere close to finishing it. I’m programming it in C# in Unity3D which seems to be doing the job pretty well, with things going smoothly I hope to have something on the App Store before the end of the year and if I’m lucky on Android soon after.

I’ll try to remember to put something up on here occasionally (if I remember) maybe some screenshots and the like

Stay beautiful xx

PS Met the amazing Chris Barrie today from Red Dwarf, top bloke :)


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