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Microsoft Access could not find file C:\windows\system32\system.mdw

February 22nd, 2008

You receive the error ‘Microsoft Access could not find file C:\windows\system32\system.mdw’ when trying to open up Microsoft Access

The problem is down to permissions to the mdw file, the system.mdw file is a security file in access, this has most likely gone wrong if someone has modified or deleteted the system.mdw file.

1) Go to C:\Windows\System32\ and search for system.mdw, if it exists rename it to system.mdw.backup
2) Run program wrkgadm.exe
3) Click Create
4) Change the worgroup ID to either your workgroup name or domain name
5) Click OK
6) Click Join (Not always neccesary but worth doing)
7) Select your system.mdw file
8) Open Up Microsoft Access