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Who’s using the machine

January 31st, 2009

Yesterday I was sitting at work, trying to figure out our current IP situation, it was in a mess and hadn’t been updated in a long while. The problem is machines will come and will be issued with IP Addresses and machine names however when they go (or get taken away without us knowing) the log doesnt get updated. The only way we could do this before would be to go and check each machine individually and check the settings, however this is quite unpractical realistically. However we still need this information to find out where machines are located, again this may change in the future :(

Thankfully there is a little application called Nbtstat which allows us to find out who is logged into which machine and with this we can determine where the computer is located. The code can be executed by running in cmd
nbtstat -a computer_name
nbtstat -A ip_address

For the future it would be great if we could run a script that would run this each day through the subnet and export the result as a spreadsheet, with this information we could sort out our IP issues and clear and organise them a lot better

More information is available here

Page Layout

January 31st, 2009

I’ve just updated the layout from the old boring blogger template, I’m still working on a few of the kinks but I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made :)

Deleting items from an iTunes playlist

January 29th, 2009

Hi there, this is a quick tip.

When you itunes you may have realised that deleting a track from a playlist will just remove the link from your file to the playlist but not the library, if you want to remove it from the library as well do the following:
1) Select the item(s)
And thats it, it’ll ask you for confirmation but it makes things so much easier, such as creating a smart playlist for podcasts with a playcount of >0 and then you can remove all of the podcasts youve listened to already. Altogether it will keep your collection nice and clean

Modifying Apple Propriety Audio Software

January 26th, 2009

So I’m sitting here in the office during my lunch break watch Hak5 (Mad props) and I’m looking for something to do, this is when I realise all of my mp3s on my server and that I need to get them onto iTunes at home. The disadvantage is that im not at home and I’m on a very slow network connection (500k for the whole office!!) so I’ll need something light preferably over ssh. Thats when I remembered Atomic Parsley.

Atomic Parsley is a little unix application (windows available through cygwin) that allows you to edit the metadata inside of the m4a files (note I convert mp3 to m4a with pacpl and don’t start with ‘quality issues’ the audio is for me and no one else). The website explains that the tags inside are now refered by Apple as Atoms and take 4 bytes for each Atom. With this you can modify almost all of the data needed in your collection.

This is particularly useful if like me you have a strict policy on the content in your Library to allow better workings on it, with this you can just drag’n’drop your m4as into the library an itunes will do the rest

Atomic Parsley can be downloaded at